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Whether it’s the kids enjoying the delightful tastes and flavours from our kid’s flavours or the Adult’s ripping into the heavenly indulgence of our wonderful “Adult” cocktails, there’s ONE thing for certain.......everyone will enjoy and remember the time spent at YOUR PLACE with the tropical, Fruity or tantalizing tastes that can only come from delicious fresh fruit ingredients and juices to deliver tasty Frozen Cocktails and Slushies.

All our cocktail mixes are blended together with the highest quality fruit and juices to ultimately deliver the best frozen cocktails you will find!

Our prices are some of the most competitive in the market; we can offer these prices due to the high volume of business and presence in the market place.

Our frozen Cocktail/Slushie machines are supplied to customers on our specially designed trolleys, for easy use by our customers.

This also saves you from using your own tables or bench’s, which may not even hold the weight (approx 100kgs) of the machine. Our competitors answer is for you to hire yet another item, a table. All this adds up to more wasted expense, expense in today’s times is hard to find, we understand this, and again when you compare prices, you will see our frozen Cocktail, Slushie machines low price INCLUDES this.

Not sure if there will be enough to serve all your guests?

Each slushie mix from the kids menu will make 12 litres PER BOWL unless noted; with our serving size of 200mls you should get approximately 60 serves. The Adult Daiquiris mix will make 10 litre's, and when adding 1000mls of alcohol to your Adult mix this will allow you to indulge in 11 litres per bowl, giving you approximately 55 x 200ml drinks, if using our plain cocktail glasses which hold 170mls, your glasses per bowl will increase to 65 drinks. Additional pre-mixes are available for both the kids and/or Adults at an unbelievable price of just $30.00, and at these prices, why wouldn’t you add 1 or 2. Click here to check out our Adult Cocktails or Kids Slushies flavours. Additional mixes can be added at the shopping cart stage, just click on the link on that page.

But you’re right! There’s more than just price.

Our commitment to service again leads the way, from our easy to use and navigate website with online booking and payment options through to Delivery, Pick up and Cleaning.....YEP, our prices include enough premix for the desired frozen Cocktail/Slushie hired, Delivery/Set up and Pick up/Cleaning. Get Slush’d offer a hassle free experience, just what you need when all you want to do is enjoy that special time with family and/or friends.

spit roast your way to success!

Our Spit Roasters will have your guest's inviting themselves over everytime you have a party after they have had a taste of the meat cooked on our spit machines. We have two sizes to chose from. Our baby spits run on heat beads and can turn upto 30kgs with a cooking length of 1120mm. The large spit roast machines (pictured right) are gas operated, hold upto 75kgs with a cooking length of 1360mm. Click here to find out more


With the convenience of a Fridge, our Temprites out muscle other gimmick "Rubbish Bin" designs. Those systems mostly use a BIG CO2 bottle and if you want to move them it will take a couple of people to help carry each piece of equipment, with our Fridge Temprite systems using our unique CO2 bullets, everything is housed within the Fridge, so when moving simply unlock the front wheels, unplug and away you go......ITS THAT EASY. Click here to find out more


Challenge your guests to BATTLE IT OUT on our classic Arcade Game with 60 Classic games to choose from!

Loaded with Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Space Invaders, PacMan and other pre-installed timeless games, the Arcade Table is a modern take on an old classic. Click here to find out more

we even cater for fund raisers of any nature

guaranteed to make you a profit!

So how can we GUARANTEE you a PROFIT! We offer you our machine or machines and pre mixes at NO COST, you "man" and serve at your fund raiser and we will split the sales with you 50/50. You cant get any better than that, the only cost to you, which will come out of your portion of the profit, is the cost of cups and straws. There's no easier way to guarantee your fund raiser will genarate those extra funds needed. To enquire about this option simply click here contact us


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